Saturday, March 27, 2010


Two weeks ago I had a birthday party(I'm 22 now) or it's better to say a hen-party. We were cooking tasty meals all the evening at my place(sushi,chicken with dried fruits, caprese canapé, chocolate fondu), drinking lambrusco pink wine and chatting. After that we went clubbing to some places-first to our fave bar 812(they have really yummy cocktails) and than to some clubs. It was a great night thanks to my friends!(and the hangover morning after was also very nice and cosy). For my birthday party I was wearing a tailored little white dress with a velvet black ribbon as a belt. I think that it's quite a fresh idea to wear a "little white dress" instead of a "little black dress" because white is very festive color and not so many people dare to wear it so you always stand out wearing it. My look was very classic and elegant for my opinion and it signifies in some way that I'm getting more mature. Now I understand that I'm not a teenager anymore -I'm a young woman, though in my thoughts I'm still very infantile(like my friend says-22 is just 17+5).

P.S. you managed to see all my cats on these photos.


  1. You are too gorgeous! And all the food looks wonderful-- it seems like you had a great 22nd birthday.

  2. How nice & i wasn't the one invited. Smells like "friends", Natalie.)

  3. the food really looks yummy...
    great outfit, as well

  4. Love this post!