Friday, December 04, 2009

scandinavian blonde

Today I've finally dyed my hair.I always only highlight my hair because they are so long that if I dye them comletely It can make them weak. I was making them goldish for quite a long time because my skin was tanned but now I like pale, porcelain skin so for the first time I decided to give a "cold" shade to my hair because it looks better with pale skin. I also had a new hairdresser today that is quite famous in my city. Though I'm quite satisfied with the result I think that my previous hairdresser(he was working with my hair for 7 years already) was better because the new one 1) is too expensive, 2) too slow(4 hours is TOO much!), 3) he didn't work with my hair gently and this it is very important for me. So I think that next time I'll go to my fave old hairdresser.
Sorry for such low quality photos-just wanted to show you my new color. I also colored my nails with a new matte nail polish from OPI-i love it!


  1. You look gorgeous, i really adore your hair!And you're right , to have a good hairdresser that you trust is very important.

  2. Thank you,Anya!:)it's nice to hear that!

  3. Love your new hair color!You're so damn beautiful you Scandinavian Babe!