Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This Saturday I celebrated my 23 birthday in a very nice company. Unfortunately our celebrations were a bit too actively so they didn't last long but anyway I'll remember that evening with very positive feelings. I was happy that my friends came to my birthday party to my place because they were perfect partners for stupid games and carefree fun. Besides that it was a big luck that Dana brought these crazy caps with " pussycat" and that we had our genious photographer -Paul . Thanks to all of you guys!
PS: We were playing a game called "matches"-you play it with cards and and put a straw in your mouth, when you get all the cards you have to hide the straw immediately.If you are the last who did it you lose and have to drink a shot of something strong. On the photo with the mannequin you can see a part of my bedroom.
В эту субботу я отметила свой 23 день рождения в очень теплой компании. К сожалению праздновали мы слишком активно и надолго нас не хватило, но все равно воспоминания о вечере останутся в моей памяти скорее позитивными. Было очень приятно,что мои друзья пришли провести со мной этот вечер, и они были идеальными партнерами по глупым играм и беспечному веселью. Также большим везением вечера были колпачки с "кисками",которые принесла Дана и шикарный фотограф в лице Паши. Спасибо всем!


  1. looks like you had a lovely time! happy birthday again


  2. I love it!

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  3. lovely!!!!