Friday, October 23, 2009

DIY: let your legs get all the attention

Lately I was inspired for many DIY projects and here is one of them. As I adore nice tights, leggins etc.(because even such small thing can make your outfit look absolutely amazing) I decided to make for myself some DIY tights that would attract a lot of attention. To embroider them?! Why not! You have seen embroidered jeans, jackets, cardigans and so on many times, but tights is even better object for experiments!It takes a lot of time but believe me it worths it!
So you need...
♥ Quite thick tights( at least 40Den)
♥ Some lace(to cut elements from it)
♥ Small scissors(for cutting out)
♥ The most thin needle(for beads) and threads
♥ Some beads and sequins
♥ About 4 or 5 hours to make your super tights
1- Cut out different elements from the lace

2- Prepare some beads and sequins.It's better to put them in some small saucer(Later you'll have only one spare hand so it would be more easy to get the beads)

3- Put the tights on your hand and start to sew on the elements, beads and sequins. Be careful with the needle! Also be careful with the tights because it's easy to damage them.

Ta-da! And here is the result! Nice,huh?

I've chosen dark-grey tights and golden lace-love the combination of these colors.
NB! You are lucky if you have a plastic leg(like you can see in hosiery shops) because in this case you need two times less time for all the process and you can keep your magical hands from injury.


  1. What a lovely idea, I might just have to try this myself!

  2. wow nice! will try this too when I find some time!