Saturday, March 27, 2010


Two weeks ago I had a birthday party(I'm 22 now) or it's better to say a hen-party. We were cooking tasty meals all the evening at my place(sushi,chicken with dried fruits, caprese canapé, chocolate fondu), drinking lambrusco pink wine and chatting. After that we went clubbing to some places-first to our fave bar 812(they have really yummy cocktails) and than to some clubs. It was a great night thanks to my friends!(and the hangover morning after was also very nice and cosy). For my birthday party I was wearing a tailored little white dress with a velvet black ribbon as a belt. I think that it's quite a fresh idea to wear a "little white dress" instead of a "little black dress" because white is very festive color and not so many people dare to wear it so you always stand out wearing it. My look was very classic and elegant for my opinion and it signifies in some way that I'm getting more mature. Now I understand that I'm not a teenager anymore -I'm a young woman, though in my thoughts I'm still very infantile(like my friend says-22 is just 17+5).

P.S. you managed to see all my cats on these photos.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Testing product-best hand cream ever!

I think that it would be nice to advice you some beauty products that I really like so I'm going to write about them from time to time. One of the most important things for me in my beauty kit is a hand cream because I always pay a lot of attention to hands. It doesn't matter how great your nails and the nail polish are if the skin of your hands is dry and peeling. So here is my fave hand cream ever-it's from the french brand L'Occitaine(Hand cream for dry skin with 20% shea butter).
So a bit about the advantages of this cream:
♥it has very pleasant texture and penetrates very quickly(though it is very nourishing)
♥it has very delicate scent because it's made of NATURAL components(like all other L'Occitaine products. It contains honey, almond extracts,coconut oil and shea butter.)
♥it moisturizes hands immediately and makes them very smooth. It also heals small wounds very well.
♥it has very nice retro-looking package
♥it costs not so much(about 40$) for such great quality and big content(150ml)
You may think that 40$ is too much for a hand cream but belive me-it worths it! And it is so nourishing that one tube is enough for many many months.
If you have this brand in your city you should definetely try this product and many others because they really can bring pleasure to you beauty routine with their amazing narural scents and silky textures.

PS:Изначально этот блог ориентировался на западных читателей,потому я все это время писала здесь только на английском.Теперь я знаю,что у моего блога также очень много русскоговорящих читателей,поэтому назрел вопрос-хотите ли вы,чтобы я писала тексты также и на русском или английский всем вполне понятен и в этом нет необходимости? Если вы хотите видеть здесь приятные глазу русские слова,то оставьте комментарий,пожалуйста :) Ваше мнение для меня действительно важно.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the perfect background

Who could know that my cat's hair can be a perfect backgroun for my new nail polish. This spring I'm into pastel colors for my nails, any good pastel nail polishes you know?
Nail polish-OPI "done out in deco"
PS: you can tell me what you want me to write about :)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

the inner life

Long time ago I planned to make such post. I know that it's not so original because many bloggers make such posts but It was always interesting for me to see what other people have in their bags so I thought that the inner life of my bag could be interesting for you too.Nothing else can tell so much about a person than some small things that he/she carries in the bag every day. It's like seeing someone's home but even more intimate. I must say that lately observing special treats and addictions/weaknesses of other people became some kind of hobby for me:) If you think about it you can understand that without their own special oddities all people are equal.
I thought that it would be right to show the bag that I use the most. Honestly, I don't like changing bags every day because I find quite annoying moving all that thousand of small things from one bag to another. This classic Louis Vuitton Ellipse handbag was a gift from my mother for one of my birthdays and I still love it so much that I almost don't let it out of my hands even for a day(if you look through my outfits you can see it). It is really amazing because it goes with everything,it is very roomy and very durable like all LV bags(may be I'll be able to pass it to my daughter-who knows). What I like a lot about LV classic bags is how the handles change their color-though they are made of pale-pink leather they don't get dirty but it seams like they get a tan. I think that such small details are really important for such legendary things.
So enough about the bag,lets talk about it's inner world :)
(from the left side clockwise)

Piero Guidi wallet(I purchased it in Riccione(Italy) and I'm just in love with the mark of this brand-two lovely angels. The wallet itself is quite worn out already but I don't want to change it yet)
♥mint chewing gum(fresh breath is a must)
Jordi Labanda notebook for different thoughts, ideas and sketches(I have lots of them in my head but can't keep them for a long time so I always have some small notebook to write them down)
♥Iphone 3G S(one of my best purchases lately.It's the best phone I've ever had-very functional, vivid, fast and stylish. Sometimes I also have the headphones for it in my bag because I can't live without music lately)
Moleskine organizer( I must say that i have really strong love for Moleskine products because they are just simple and perfect. The gorgeous red color of it gives me pleasure every time I see it)
♥black gel pen(I always buy it because I like how it resembels real ink)
♥paper napkins
♥loads of lipsticks and lip gloss(most of them are from MAC)(you may ask why do I need so many of them in my bag. Honestly, I just hate cracked lips so I always use something for them to make them soft.Besides that I don't want some certain lip gloss to be over too soon so I use all of them from time to time)
♥MAC masсara(now I use Clinique mascara but this one is also ok. I don't do make up every day because I like how my clean face looks but if I want to look more strikingly I can put on some mascara during the day)

P.S. Of course I have many other things like writing-books for my university and so on but I decided to show you what I ALWAYS have in my bag. Honestly, the inner world of my bag usually looks like a mess-some nice,creative mess:) If you have any questions-just ask. It would be great If you show me the inner world of your bags!:)