Tuesday, November 09, 2010

some pics of my ordinary life

(1-was cleaning my old Vogue(from the begining of 00's) magazines from the dust lately,2-my alienistic amarilis that my mother brought me from Amsterdam is going to bloom soon,3-my cat loves flowers that my darling brings for me,4-my breakfast made of my two fave products-mozzarella and avocado)


  1. Love it! By the way..we had quite the same processes this time cause in the begining of this week i finally got rid of all my old magazines (VOGUE, INSTYLE, L'OFFICIEL, harpers bazaar, etc). Of course i kept a few of my favourite issues. ))

  2. yes,dear,I clean my flat like mad now))and I decided to keep only Vogue,L'Officiel and Bazar magazines.

  3. i also got rid of all my GRAZIAs)