Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lanvin♥H&M hunting

Today Lanvin ♥ H&M collection hit the stores in Russia. I was waiting for this day and saving some money because I loved almost every piece from this collection. Must say that this collaboration surprised me pleasantly for some reasons:
-high quality of the pieces(though they cost much for H&M(from 160euro for a dress) they worth that money)
-good organisation(no fights,no crush and very helpful shop assistants)
-really nice design(though I didn't expect other from Lanvin)
I came to the store about 1 pm and got a bracelet with the time on it when I could see the collection and it wasn't a problem to take and try on many pieces(unfortunately or fortunately(you guess why) I looked like a big cake in some of the dresses) but finally my hunting was quite successful-I got three pieces-a t-shirt, a dress and a necklace (exactly as I planed).
Here are some details of what I got.
Some pieces I tried on

PS:I had a strange feeling when I went out of the store with my purchases-I felt like a sheep that fell for a good advertising and bought the same dress as other 100 girls in my city but that feeling didn't last long because at home I saw how good-looking I am in that dress and how perfect it would be to wear it for the New Year's eve.

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  1. I guess it really looks wonderful on you, my darling!)imoriesc