Monday, March 22, 2010

Testing product-best hand cream ever!

I think that it would be nice to advice you some beauty products that I really like so I'm going to write about them from time to time. One of the most important things for me in my beauty kit is a hand cream because I always pay a lot of attention to hands. It doesn't matter how great your nails and the nail polish are if the skin of your hands is dry and peeling. So here is my fave hand cream ever-it's from the french brand L'Occitaine(Hand cream for dry skin with 20% shea butter).
So a bit about the advantages of this cream:
♥it has very pleasant texture and penetrates very quickly(though it is very nourishing)
♥it has very delicate scent because it's made of NATURAL components(like all other L'Occitaine products. It contains honey, almond extracts,coconut oil and shea butter.)
♥it moisturizes hands immediately and makes them very smooth. It also heals small wounds very well.
♥it has very nice retro-looking package
♥it costs not so much(about 40$) for such great quality and big content(150ml)
You may think that 40$ is too much for a hand cream but belive me-it worths it! And it is so nourishing that one tube is enough for many many months.
If you have this brand in your city you should definetely try this product and many others because they really can bring pleasure to you beauty routine with their amazing narural scents and silky textures.

PS:Изначально этот блог ориентировался на западных читателей,потому я все это время писала здесь только на английском.Теперь я знаю,что у моего блога также очень много русскоговорящих читателей,поэтому назрел вопрос-хотите ли вы,чтобы я писала тексты также и на русском или английский всем вполне понятен и в этом нет необходимости? Если вы хотите видеть здесь приятные глазу русские слова,то оставьте комментарий,пожалуйста :) Ваше мнение для меня действительно важно.


  1. My English is better than my Russian, though it would be nice to practise reading again ;-)
    there are some things you can express in a certain language better than in another...

  2. Здравствулте!! Я пробую он-лайн переводчика языка. Я надеюсь что слова правы! Русские письма и символы отличал очень английские письма! Конечно, я прочитал ваш блог в английском но было бы славно для ваших русских читателей увидеть его в русском слишком! Любой путь, я буду продолжаться посетить ваше место!

    P.S. - я нес мой новый шарф сегодня:] Я получил много комплиментов на ем!

  3. I agree! This is my FAVORITE hand cream!!!! I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift a few years ago and have been hooked ever since.