Thursday, September 17, 2009

In my perfect world...

I have one secret to tell you... I'm a big dreamer!:)I'm sure that everyone imagines sometimes how could his/her perfect world look like.
So do I sometimes. Looking through the prism of blogs my own perfect world would look something like this:
♥ All people in the streets and in the subway would look like people from StockholmStreetStyle- nice,healthy-looking, well-groomed,stylish and with strong personality

♥ My days and partys would look childish, careless and crazy like Sandra's from Noitefelem

♥ My shoes would be like from Sea of Shoes

♥ My meals would be appetizing like from Clara's blog

♥ My make up would be bright and bold as Xenia's from DoedeereBlogazine

♥ My work would be creative and interesting like Glamourai's

P.S. I advice you to visit these blogs because they really make my day sometimes so I think they can inspire you for a beautiful life too:)
P.P.S. And how would your perfect world look like if we are talking about blogs?:)

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