Friday, July 31, 2009


Well...this day was really amazing! In the morning I went with my b-friend's mother to Hietalahti Market to do some thrift shopping where I got some treasures(photos later) like super-stylish eye wear just for 2 euros(just need to change lenses), super-cute moomy broch and some tiny stuff for dolls(I'm going to make some necklaces using it). The weather today was absolutely magical-very soft sun,not hot,not cold! Helsinki was looking very different today because it was surprisingly busy. All people are suntanned and happy like it's Riviera and not a northen city. After shopping day we went to Robert's coffee terrace to have some latte and I saw Vesa Perakyla passing by very close to me! I was glad to see him because it's quite curiously to see fashion bloggers in real life(he looked chic and relaxed as always) but my mouth was full of coffee so unfortunately I couldn't even say hello to him. Oops!
I'm going to stay some more days here so may be I'll meet someone interesting again.

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