Friday, July 24, 2009

Graduation-one day, two outfits

Hi everyone!:)I'm back from Spain and Finland! It was really a nice journey with a lot of shopping and having fun with my friends! I'm here in Saint-Petersburg for few days because of my mothers birthday and then I go to Helsinki for a week again! It's like my second home now! I have lots of photos from Spain with bright sunny outfits, but they were taken by my friend who is a true perfectionist so he refuses to give me these photos before he work them up.Hope they will turn out great!Here are some photos from my graduation. That day I was wearing two of my fave dresses.
I was a bad blogger lately so I'm going to spoil you with regular posts of my outfits within the next few days.

I had no time in the morning for setting my hair. Thanks God I have this amazing headband from FeatherBrain(so it helps me when I have bad hair days) and i'm a make up artist myself so getting good make up early in the morning is not a problem for me.
With my dear friend Julia. Thank you for supporting me that day!

With my class-mate.


This dress is vintage from 80's(I purchaed it in Paris). I realised that cut of the dresses from 80's fits me perfectly.