Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tips: How not to be like everyone else

Now we can see globalization clearly-if you visit lookbook you can see that it does not matter from what countries people are they look almost the same. We can blame internet or mass media or fashion magazines for it but it’s a fact and now it’s very precious to be special and unlike. So here are some tips that I think can be useful.

Try to abstract your mind from fashion magazines and blogs. (Yes, they are really interesting but they make such profound effect on your subconsciousness that you starting to copy outfits from them and it becomes difficult to show your own personality through your outfits. Besides that you can see that almost all fashion magazines show almost the same at one season. )

After this think about yourself and try to understand what kind of person you really are and find your own style that clearly shows your character.

Find a good tailor. (I’m sure that all of us have some ideas and dream about a dress or other clothes that they can’t find in any store. In this case tailor is a great helper because usually you can’t realize your ideas just because you don’t know how to sew. Another advantage of tailored clothes is that they fit perfectly.)

Wear DIY things.( when you make things with your own hands using your own ideas it’s almost impossible to meet someone wearing the same)

Buy unique or handmade things.( If you aren’t clever with your hands, Etsy is a great place to buy really unique and special accessories and clothes)

Buy vintage things and adapt them to your body.( It’s not a fresh idea but not all do this. Though it’s also a great way to stay unique.)

Try to find new ways of wearing your clothes(wear your skirt like a top, wear your t-shirts with prints inside out, wear a scarf like a belt and so on)

Don’t be afraid of experiments and don’t be afraid of being absurd. Only those people who don’t think about other’s opinion stick to our memory and become fashion icons.For example : Isabella Blow, Anna Piaggi, Daphne Guinness, Lady Gaga. At first people can laugh at your style but then they start to copy it.)

Find peculiar feature in your appearance and accentuate them. (Your specific features make you different from others. For example: if you have very pale skin-take care of it and be proud of it, if you are curvy- emphasize your shapes and feel yourself very feminine, if you have curly hair-don’t try to straighten them because curls are really nice!)

I hope that these tips will be helpful for you. Be yourself, be beautiful and be happy!

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