Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess!

Yesterday we were celebrating my friend's birthday.Her name is Yaroslava and she is a very beautiful high society girl so as a joke I call her princess sometimes. Too bad she lives in Switzerland now so I can't see her frequently though she is a close friend for me and I really love her.
We had a dinner with her family and then we went to one bar to drink some coctails. The restaurant where we were celebrating her BD with her family was very pompous and I realized that a person doesn't need expensive meals, champagne and presents for her/his BD to be happy- she needed just a BD cake and twenty candles but they haven't prepared them in that high-flown restaurant and she got them only at that plain bar!

Quite drunk-already at home.

My outfit was very classy(white silk blose with a bow, black skirt, retro style tights and black pumps(my fave and quite old Moschino pumps)) and I looked very appropriate at the restaurant but when we moved to the bar I looked quite weird for such place but i did't care because it was really a great and lovely evening.

P.S. May be this format of my blog is not very handy, but I changed it specially for this post because I think that these photos are so beautiful that you should see them in details.


  1. Hey..The photos are magnifisient! And you both are so sophisticated and cute. Well also i just recognized that both of you have deep brown eyes - such a harmony)
    Yasya looks very cool in this fancy dress and her ring is totally gorgeous! About friend Nataly looks as stylish as a man (talking 'bout humans) can be!)
    My GReetings!!!))))

  2. You 2 look gorgeous and I think I'm in love with your tights! Where did you get them? :)

  3. Thank you darling!) these cute tights are from Topshop