Monday, March 16, 2009

My Birthday-girls just wanna have fun!

me and my sweety

21 candles

unique cake

hookah is my weakness

I think we are a nice couple :)

I thought such coincidences can be only in movies!My dress is tailoed and my friend's dress is bought via internet(we don't have Acne in Saint-Petersburg)

me and my dear friend Julia

Me and my girls.We are singing "diamonds are the best girl's friends"!


  1. Oh, happy birthday to you! Your hair looked great and your cake was really somethig :)

    About the pictures; you have to change the code, and put your settings so that you see the code of the picture when you do a post to your blog. I dont' know if you know any html but look for "width" and "height"in the code , depepnding on your browser it's "widht/height: undefinedpx" and sometimes widht/height: 200/400ox". If you see any numbers, change it to "undefinedpx"on both. (If I post from my mac at home I don't have to change anything, since it's automaticalyyy on "undefined", but on the pc from work it's in numbers and needs to bne changed). Then, at the end of the code, change "s400" to "s800".

    + Remember, you original picture can't be too wide, it depends a bit on you layout settings - but I think 600 px is the max width with a basic layout.

  2. oh!thank you so much dear! I'll try to do all this.

  3. Very cute!
    But you said not to smoke for healthy skin in your other post.
    It may be hookah, but it still is bad for you.
    Nicotine or not, you are damaging your lungs.

  4. to Julia: haha!))you are right!I'm a bad girl! the only thing that saves me is that I smoke hookah very rarely!)