Thursday, August 19, 2010

In love with Erdem

Hello, my dear readers. I officially declare that I'm not going to abandon you anymore.
Finally after such a long break I decided to make such kind of post that I rarely make here. If you read my blog for a long time you know that I'm not into brands really because I pay attention to beautyful things and brands are less important for me. Talking about my taste and my style I can say that I'm totaly into femininity because such style looks good on me( I have curves and androgenous style looks weird on me) and because I think that such style is a best adornment for a girl/woman. I seldom can see young designers who draw my attention.The latest designer whom I adored was Luella Bartley(unfortunately the brand Luella doesn't exist anymore and I was extremely disappointed to get to know about it) and some time ago I discovered for myself another amazing creator in fashion world-it is Erdem Moralioglu(with his own brand Erdem). He is not trying to surprize you with super avant-garde design or intricate cut he just makes charming, extremely feminin dresses that can beautify any woman. I'm a "dress girl" really and I'm sure I could wear dresses by Erdem for any occasion. His main theme is floral print and I like how he uses florals even for fall/winter collection and that they look absolutely harmonious(most of designers dare to use florals only in spring/summer collections). I've chosen my fave looks from some of his collections and I want to show them to you because I'm sure that there are a lot of readers of my blog who can appreciate such simple but very delicate and feminine style.


  1. i love all those lace pieces

  2. YES ! It's all STUNNING !
    Thank You for inspiration Nataly ;*
    I love those colors , diffrent shapes of dresses and mysterious smokey make-up

  3. He's got a fresh vision on how a woman could stay feminine, sexy and pure at the same time. Love most of his works from what you've showed here. Especially the last ones. Thanx for the post, Natalie! Found out smth new and cool with your help!)