Saturday, June 26, 2010

not just a business trip

Hi guys! I'm just back from my business trip to Beijing!(wanted to tell you about it earlier but Blogspot doesn't work in China) I've spent there 5 days and I was working as a buyer for one shop. So what I was doing all 5 days was looking through loads and loads of clothes.I think I don't need to say that I'm a bit sick of clothes after such work. But anyway it was quite interesting and of course I got something for myself too( 4 amazing dresses to be exact and some accessories-one of them is just insane hat with feathers-anybody wants to invite me to a horse race?:)) Besides that I was spending evenings with my sweetheart who managed to blow my mind at the first day and you can see here how.
When you come from work to your hotel room tired to death you can't expect to see THIS!sooooo lovely


one of my fave places in Beijing-Ritan park.

Beijing is always like this- hazy

the view from my window

having a dinner after work at some thai restaurant. I adore warm evenings like this

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  1. loooks like you worked hard and played hard! good times!