Thursday, August 13, 2009

the fop

Hi everyone! I had a wonderful day today! I was working as a make up artist/stylist at a photo shoot for the fall campaign for my mothers shop. It took place at one really amazing and very inspiring place, so tomorrow you can expect a loooong post from me about the shooting with backstage photos(they turned out really great!) because today I'm too tired(but happy!) to post all the photos.
On this photo you can see my outfit that I was wearing for the trying on two days before the shooting. It was a case when the whole outfit was built around one piece-this vintage cat eye frames(may be you remember them) that I bought in Helsinki. When I try them on I immediately want to make some kind of retro look and of course wear red lipstick. When I was dressing up I didn't think of any character that could be similar to me but then my friend's husband(he is not interested in fashion at all though) told me that I looked like one character with very strange name Polza(translated as "benefit")from the film "The Fops" and he was right partly! Anyway I really like this outfit because I rarely look so feminine.

Dress-Formul@ Joven


  1. your sunnies are adore; shoes are fantastic; love love love.


  2. thank you! I adore these shoes and frames too!))