Monday, June 29, 2009

crapulent and absolutely happy

Well...I can say that my prom was a success. It was heavy shower all the evening but we were just laughing at the weather and having fun. Honestly I am very crapulent all day long today and I still feel like I'm drunk.I decided to come to my mothers place because I've spent all my money for my chic prom and dress(it was tailored) and I was very hungry this morning-home-made soup is a great treat when you are crapulent. Unfortunately one of the flowers from my dress suffered quite a tragic fate)))But it's a long story. Now I need to find some money for the dry-cleaning because after the stormy party my dress looks like a mess. I've made some photos with my camera and we also had a photographer. I'll show you the photos from my camera soon and the professional photos will be ready only in two weeks.
I feel absolutely happy!

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