Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm finally back!

I'm finally back and trying to get used to my country because it's such a big difference between Russia and Europe...
This trip was just brilliant! Now I want to tell you about it in brief:

Helsinki- it was cool there as always and I feel like i'm at home there because I always stay at my boyfriend's mother place. One thing I noticed this time- people in Helsinki are so different( I mean style)! and it's so great! My motto was "I shop till I drop"

Stockholm-this city is very very cool and shopping there is great, but we had just few hours to spend there so I coudn't get to know it well. But the best thing about Stockholm is incredibly stylish people. I wanted to take photos of many of them , but I didn't have my camera unfortunately...sorry.

Spain(Marbella)- +20 in february- I think it's just a paradise on earth! Everything is great there-weather,shopping(so so cheap!) and the best thing! We were cooking something extremely tasty every evening.

I had some problems with my camera so I was taking pictures with my friend's camera. I have loads of photos wich I want to put in groups and show them to you.

Latest news: 1)when I came back I found out that two packages from Paraphernalia and Featherbrain were waiting for me on the post! I was so so happy to get them! the things are just incredibly beautiful and unusual. I've got a necklace and a headband(I love headbands not less than Blair Waldorf does!haha). I'll show them to you when I'll be ready to wear them.
2)On friday I have to do styling for spring campaign for my mothers shop so tomorrow I have to meet with the model to try different make up. I promise to show you photos from it later!


  1. Welcome back darling can't wait to see your new things :)

  2. Thank you, sweety!)) I don't like o show just clothes, you'll see them when i'll creat some full outfits)