Friday, December 12, 2008


Everyone can be ugly, everyone can be beautiful…. I realized that on the last lesson of my make up courses. We had to make a character for advertisement. Our group’s task was to make an advertisement for a dance school and another group had a task to make an advertisement for make up school. We decided to make “before” and “after”. Our idea was to make a granny that goes dancing. Another group made for “before” some kind of Ugly Betty and for “after” some kind of super-diva. We used some ordinary cosmetics and some special grease-paints(for gray hair and yellow teeth-haha!))my fave!!). It was such a stress for a girl to see herself so old! Poor thing! I think it was the most interesting lesson)
On the photos-me without any make up wearing "very-lazy-day" outfit and my trash-team))

P.S. Lately I have so much to do for my university that I have no time to write posts frequently-sorry! To be honest, I have so much problems now that my head is going to blow up!


  1. WOW! That now that is some good bad make up. It's amazing what you can do with make up.

    Do you study as a make up artist? because you look like a model. :)

  2. haha!))thank you,dear!I don't think that I look like a model,because i'm not skinny at all...but I was modeling for some photoshoots(for advertisement) some time ago. Yes, I study as a make up artist/stylist and I'll finish my courses quite soon(we have a final exam at the end of december).

  3. omg! the ugly pictures are REALLY ugly!! the gorgeous pictures are really much better. :)

  4. haha!))yeah! we tried our best to make them SO ugly))))this was made for a better contrast between "before" and "after"