Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stupid "in" and "out"

Every month on the last page of russian BAZAAR you can find the trends that are "in"and "out"-that is the most stupid thing that I've ever seen!
Some examples:
(if you wear ear-rings you're just unfashionable!))))
"in"-reading books in original, "out"-reading translated books
(I'm a student of the philological faculty and my speciality is italian language and literature. I speak italian ,french and english quite well but even for me it's very hard to read books in original, so I hardly can imagine how many people are able to follow this trend.)
"in"-chiuaua dog, "out" -yorkshire terier
(so what?! If you have yorkshire terier you have to kill it and buy another dog that is "In"?!)
Every month my boy-friend and I we laughing at this "in" and "out" list, but it is too stupid though to be published in fashion magazine.

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